Miami Cryptocurrency Builder Meetup

Miami Cryptocurrency Builder Meetup
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Announcing a new meetup for builders living in Miami that work in cryptocurrency or contribute to cryptocurrency projects. The first meeting will be on Wednesday September 1st 2021.

Why do we need another Meetup?
Miami’s mayor, Francis Suarez, has done an amazing job building excitement around Miami being the place to relocate if you work in tech or cryptocurrency.

Hype is essential for building momentum around communities, but its impact fades quickly if it's not followed up by action. In the case of tech, action means things being built and shipped to millions of people.

This means taking a break from events focused around happy hours and bar crawls. Those are great, but we need more substance. Building is the bedrock of a sustainable tech community, hence that is why we are putting together this highly curated event for builders.

Our goal is to get the best people in Miami in one room talking about building on the technology that underpins cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi,  Layer 1 and Layer 2 solutions. We want to spark conversations that lead to real innovation and things being created.

Who should attend this meetup?
This meetup is run by builders for builders. That means, people building products that utilize cryptocurrency in some way. It is not for recruiters, investors, promoters or organizers.

So who’s organizing this meetup?
Preethi is a founder, engineer, and writer. She was a partner at a16z for over 2 years, and then decided to quit and teach herself how to code. She then became a software engineer at Coinbase in 2015, and eventually left in 2016 to start her own crypto startup called TruStory. TruStory was eventually shut down in 2020. Preethi currently focuses on crypto education.

Harry is an Irish entrepreneur, investor and software engineer living in Miami who has a background in cryptocurrency and consumer mobile applications. Harry currently works at Coinbase. He has over a decade's worth of experience working at tech companies such as Facebook and Apple as well as consulting for early stage venture backed startups..

What if I don’t work in cryptocurrency?
If you’re not a cryptocurrency builder, but want to become one, please reach out and tell us about yourself. Even if you are not currently a builder but you are on the path to becoming one, we would love to hear from you.

Where do I sign up?
If this sounds like a good fit for you, please sign up here. Our first meetup will be on Wednesday September 1st 2021. If you know anyone living in Miami who would be interested in attending please send them this link. We look forward to meeting with you soon!