About Harry Tormey

Here's a bio in the third person:

Harry Tormey is an Irish entrepreneur, investor and sofware engineer living in America who has a background in cryptocurrency and consumer mobile applications. Harry is CTO of StepChange.work an AI startup that specializes in migrating and modernizing data infrastructure. He has over a decades worth of experience working at top tier tech companies such as Coinbase, Meta and Apple as well as consulting for early stage venture backed startups.


You can get in touch via DM at

or warpcast: https://warpcast.com/htormey

or via email: harry at StepChange.work. Reach out if you want to hire him and his team to reduce your data infra costs.

Work Experience
Co-founder: Currently CTO of StepChange.work
Coinbase: Tech Lead/Engineering Manager
LaunchDrawer: CEO
Facebook: Mobile Software Engineer
Apple: Core Audio Team
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