Miami Cryptocurrency Builder Meetup #2

Miami Cryptocurrency Builder Meetup #2

The second Miami Cryptocurrency Builders meetup will be on Thursday, October 28th, 2021.  This event will feature two technical talks about decentralized application development. To apply to attend this event please visit here.

Talk 1: Assessing Risk for a Novel DeFi Protocol

by _james_foley_ (Protocol Contributor) and mikey_rf (Research Steward) of Overlay

Developing a derivatives protocol that lives on a decentralized blockchain is a very involved technical feat. What does it take to assure the contracts are free of bugs and that funds are safe? What does it take to provide a reasonable user experience that represents the on chain data? How can this experience be constructed to be tantamount to a web 2.0 experience?

In this presentation, James and Mikey will explain the mechanics of the Overlay protocol, the stack it's built on, the economic modeling, and the engineering strategy they used to assess Risk.

About Overlay: Overlay enables markets on streams of data without the need for traditional counterparties or liquidity pools. Any data stream that is neither fully predictable nor manipulable can be offered as a market. It is a financial derivatives protocol with a highly crypto native approach aiming to launch in November. Overlays investors including Polychain, 1kx, Parafi, MetaCartel and The LAO.

What about the second talk?
Preethi and Harry will be announcing our second surprise speaker next week!

Who should attend this meetup?
For more information about this meetup and its intended audience please read this blog post.